Have you realized that it's time to make a career change, but you don’t know what to do next?

Get clarity, transition into a more fulfilling career,
and have more time with your family
without taking a big pay cut. 


Katherine joined our free protect + prepare series of calls.

Her life & her career trajectory were completely changed.


"I haven't been happy in my role for some time. When everyone started working from home, I started getting more antsy that this wasn't the right fit anymore & now was the time for a change. What if I don't find anything that is the right fit for me?"


Here's what happened ...


"I just wanted you to know how incredibly thankful I am for your sessions. 

Your words of wisdom & advice helped me so much & gave me confidence for my future.


I'm happy to say with your sessions & networking

I now have multiple job opportunities.

I am accepting a job that is a higher position &

my salary is 30% higher than what I had been making.


The job I am taking is truly a dream job!"


-Katherine B


Protect & Prepare Series

Finding Calm in the Chaos How to manage stress & new challenges so you don’t burn out or put your family at risk.

Protect - Become Indispensable in the market The NEXT STEPS to take to protect yourself whether still in your job or determining your next path.

Prepare - Build a Bridge

What you can do now to take control &
transition into the right path without wasting time. 

Here's what other attendees had to say:


“How to move in transitioning to desired careers - this is so needed for me. I have been pondering for way too long. I Love this Blake!”


“I had been feeling like I wasn't able to move forward with my job search. I was able to step back and start thinking about what I can be doing now to position myself for the future.”


“Thank you for the time and work today - it was exactly what I needed in this time. I found the conversation and sharing around mental spiraling to be so helpful and the acknowledgment that it exists is already beneficial to me.”


“Definitely helpful. Thank you! Breaking the mental spiral was helpful. Thanks Blake!!! This was great to have a sense of community and boosted my spirit.”


“Thank you, for the first time in a long time I feel hopeful!”

“Honestly all of this was helpful and refreshing!!”


"There is so much value in your training. I am grateful."

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Blake Schofield is the Founder of Connections Illuminated, a mom of three & former corporate executive who spent 18 years in Corporate America building, growing & turning around 8 & 9 figure businesses, including a $600+ million dollar business at Target corporation & building the plus size business at Stitch Fix from scratch, which launched with over 75,000 women on a wait list.  


Today, Blake & her team help heart centered, driven professional women, who are at a career crossroads, figure out how to use their skills & passions to transition into a more fulfilling career & life without worrying about taking a big leap or going in the wrong direction.


Website: www.connectionsilluminated.com 

Podcast: The Bridge To Fulfillment

Email: blake@connectionsilluminated.com